Suzanne Baxter

This beautiful girl is yet another one of those people who seem to have disappeared into the obscuring mists of time. All I can glean from the 'net is that she made numerous appearances in "Fling" magazine during the sixties- a couple of these photos are from a copy I have treasured since I was in my distant youth. When I was a thirteen year old, sick in bed with some dreary illness, a neighbour gave me a pile of magazines to read...mostly her husband's old "Motor Sport" copies, but tucked in among them was this gem.

It was never mentioned again, and I quickly tucked it in my bedside cabinet- It has followed me about in all my various house moves for a good few decades- except that now I don't have to hide it away as my wife and family are well used to my various and strange collecting hobbies!
The other photos are from Tumblr, no doubt originally scanned from other copies of "Fling".

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